The Arcade Almost Comes To A Close…..


As the title says The Arcade almost comes a close at the end of the month so if you haven’t been, get your skates on and grab things whilst you have a couple of days left.

Now finally with all the events and the holidays out of the way I have finally been able to sit down, relax and make a picture that isn’t a vendor!

I wanted to share with you this hair from Olive with is perfect picture hair with its long flowing tresses!


There is 32 to collect (4 rare)  including hair for both male and female, In the picture I am wearing the RARE Snow Queen Hair.


Also shown in this picture is the Rowan & Ice berries accesssories from LODE, I am wearing the Rare Ice Berries.


So with just 2 days left…….RUN!!

Have a great new year!

Kirsty xx

The Aracde – Sweet Things


If you love accessories you’ll love this set from Sweet Things. Snapshot_1131

They are 19 items to collects included 16 common and 3 rares. The detail on each item is amazing and I am a huge fan of the head pieces and of course the tiara since I am the Queen :p


My hair is the newest release from Truth called Vivi and can be found at this months round of Uber.

Have a great tuesday!

Kirsty xx

The Arcade – Dust Bunny


Quick post today to share with you some more amazing items from this months round of The Arcade.

If like me you are a sucker for houses and change them monthly then you NEED this house from Dust Bunny. It’s perfect for a winter home, with all its cozy accessories to collect too.

Snapshot_107 copy

dust bunny . the dreamers cottage RARE (121LI) **THE ARCADE**
dust bunny . christmas tree RARE (14LI) **THE ARCADE**

8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood **THE ARCADE**

.S&S. Holiday Pals – ‘Rosie’ The Doe RARE **THE ARCADE**

Happy Mood* Garden Tree07 – snowy a
Happy Mood* Shrub – snowy*d
Happy Mood* Winter Grass 2013

Have a great monday!

Kirsty xx

The Arcade – Consignment The Garage Collection


So tonight, Mr Lane & I were doing some overtime and we decided to share with you this very cool set from Consignment. Cheyn was in his element with the bike and very keen to get dirty in more ways than one :p

After Hours

There is 18 items to collect including 2 rares and I am sharing some of them with you here in this picture we did.

[Con.] The Garage Collection – Garage RARE
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Rat Rod Bike RARE
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Tool Chest
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Industrial Fan
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Oil Bottles
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Posters 1, 2, 3 & 4
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Tire Stack
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Garage Sign
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump – Red

*PLEASE NOTE* Pose is not included with the bike.

The full gacha key is below –


Have those lindens ready, you’re gonna need them this round!

Kirsty xx

The Arcade – Ispachi [CHERISHED MOMENTS]


The Arcade is sneaking upon us and from the teasers designers have been posting we are in for some amazingly high quality items, just like these from Ispachi. I have been watching Dermie makes these over the past few weeks, with him sharing his work in progresses and I have been in total awe. Each item is so detailed and heartfelt. And as a parent there is nothing more special than cherished moments with my children and you can see this through these items too. The protective look, or the tender kiss. Just perfect ❤

Ispachi Arcade items are shown in each pictures –






#ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws RARE Includes Bowl & Clockwork mouse

Cuteness overload! 😀

I’ll be sharing more Arcade previews over the coming days

Have a great tuesday!

Kirsty xx

The Arcade & The Mens Dept


Quick post today to share with you some more of the amazing items you can find at this round of The Arcade. Today I am featuring items from Apple Fall, [Aria], Zigana and Scarlet Creative and one of my personal favourite items from =Zenith=.



Yesterday I put together this outfit too and had several people ask where items were from so I am sharing that here too 🙂


1st Picture –

Apple Fall Old Mayfair Skybox RARE **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Victoria’s Dollshouse **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Pheasant Feathers **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Carriage Clock **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Frame Shelf **THE ARCADE**

[ARIA] Gretchen blanket and pillows crate **THE ARCADE**
[ARIA] Gretchen small cloche with a pinecone **THE ARCADE**
[ARIA] Gretchen big cloche with pinecones **THE ARCADE**
[ARIA] Gretchen sphere sculptures (chrome) **THE ARCADE**
[ARIA] Gretchen side table **THE ARCADE**
[ARIA] Gretchen Peonies in a vase – RARE **THE ARCADE**
[ARIA] Gretchen armless chair – RARE **THE ARCADE**

Zigana . maypole light . ocean **THE ARCADE**
Zigana . rag rug . hunter **THE ARCADE**

(fd) Cat – 15 Maru Pose RARE **THE ARCADE**
(fd) Cat – 02 Sleeping Curled **THE ARCADE**

Scarlet Creative Meribel Day Sofa Mod and Trans **THE ARCADE**

=Zenith= Hippo Bag **THE ARCADE**

Pic 2

Apple Fall Old Roman Bed **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Landscape) **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Rose Bouquet **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Stepladder Table **THE ARCADE**
Apple Fall Victoria’s Armoire **THE ARCADE**

On Kirsty –

Skin – League – Isla Deeptan
Hair – Clawtooth: Fade Into You w/Hat – Dusty Black RARE **THE ARCADE**
Outfit – B.C.C Lazy afternoon safari vest set **MENS DEPT**
Boots – J’s [Ladies] Studded Long boots-S(Black)
Bag – =Zenith=Hippo Bag **THE ARCADE**
Bracelet – Izzie’s – Eternity Bracelet rose brown
Watch – Redgrave Watch – Chained Desire Silver

The Arcade –

The Mens Dept –

Have a great weekend!

Kirsty xx

The Arcade & The Liaison Collaborative

Hai Hai!

Starting on 15th September is this months round of The Liaison Collaborative, and RACK Poses will be particpating 🙂

After seeing all the fun costumes from The Arcade I wanted to make some poses to fit the theme of the event as well as go with these awesome Retro Space Sets from The Secret Store which you can still play for until the end of September.

RACK Poses - Earth Girls Aren't That Easy

The Secret Store – Retro Space Suit – Noa
The Secret Store – Leather Gloves – Pink
The Secret Store – Retro Space Belt – Lilac
The Secret Store – Laureline Boots – Pink

The Secret Store – Retro Space Suit – Carbon
The Secret Store – Leather Gloves – Carbon
The Secret Store – Laureline Boots – Carbon

The Secret Store – Retro Space Suit – Buzz
The Secret Store – Leather Gloves – Milk
The Secret Store – Retro Space Belt – Buzz
The Secret Store – Laureline Boots – Crimson

Pose – RACK  Poses – Earth Girls Aren’t Easy **The Liaison Collaborative**

Kirsty <33