Free Doesn’t Mean Frumpy

So today i thought i’d show you one of my Gorean characters that i play with. Caralie is a Free Woman. In gorean terms that means she’s not enslaved and is permitted to voice her opinions on things. Their role within society is mainly for breeding. Obviously it isn’t their sole purpose and many Free Women (or FW’s as they are known as) hold positions within Gorean settlements of high regard. As such, they are expected to dress conservatively and are to be covered from top to bottom. In some places, veils are expected to be worn when not in the home, also. As a result, many women dress in huge puffy gowns, etc etc. I’m here to show you that Free, really doesn’t mean Frumpy.

The world of Gor holds some of Second Life’s most amazing creators. You only need to take a walk around the sim’s, to know this, for some are truly some of the most beautifully built on the Grid. Today i’m highlighting one particular gem from SL Gor.

Cloey Scorfield. Her creations are new, vibrant, sassy. Can be worn in Gor, indeed out of Gor. She’s just starting out and hold much promise. Kind on the pocket too, her Customer Service is second to none.




Skin| League – Isla (Pale Feline)
Hair| [e] – Details (Blonde 05)
Eyes| .ID. – Mirror Eyes (Blue)
Lashes| [Lelutka] – 2011 Long
Nails| [Mandala] – Long
Circlet| ~Soedara~ – Dancer Of 3 Moons
Scarf| Zaara – Pashmina Shawl (Ice Coffee)
Blouse| Sweet Pea – Baggy Balloon (Grey/Blue) **NEW**
Sweater| *BOOM* – The Cashmere (Tan)
Skirt| Sweet Pea – Pull Tie Skirt (Tan) **NEW**
Pose| *Everglow* – Girls Poses #61
Location| The Lost City of Vroengaard

** Pics are totally unedited, taken from Second Life.



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