deviousMind @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Today I am sharing with you probably one of my favourite items at the gacha carnival, purely because I love to dress up!…….And today I am a mermaid!! and I will be all day (sorry Cheyn :p)

One Nemo Found The Other.....


Just look, LOOK how awesome it is! 😀

The common mermaids are leaned on a more realistic scales texture and come in **FIRE FISH**, **PINK SUNSET**, **PURPLE HAZE**, **DEEP OCEAN**, **TURQUOISE SEA**, **MINT BREEZE**, **EMERALD BAY**, **POISON LIME** and **SALMON SPRING**.

The RARE tails however go noticably more exotic and will grant you a glance or two as glowing hot **LAVA**, fragile soft **KOI**, femme-fatale **RED ROSE** and the shining bright **RAINBOW**.

I’m wearing the Rare Red Rose Tail in the picture above.  All colours can be seen in the picture below.



The Tails are 75L and the Starfish pasties to hid your modesty (not shown) are 25L

Only a few more days to go before the event opens 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Kirsty xx


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