Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #14 – Pukka Firecaster Creations


Today I’m sharing something for the men, so I asked the lovely Cheyn Lane to help me show these awesome items that come from Pukka Firecaster Creations.

Snapshot_125 copy

There are 6 common Defender helmets and 3 rares to collect, here Cheyn is wearing the RARE God version.

The Hunter shoulder armor comes with 5 common items and 2 rare to collect. Cheyn is wearing the common grizzly version.

Men you need these gacha items, they are incredibly well made, and are the perfect finishing touches to your outifts, or ladies if like me, you just wanna dress your man up half naked for your own viewing pleasure and pictures :p


Kirsty ❤


Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #13 – RACK Poses & Haste

Ohai 🙂

So, I decided it was about time I blogged my own things!

The Rack Poses Tied For You set comprises of 6 common poses that come with the the chair and ropes, here I am using pose No6.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #8 -  RACK Poses & Haste

Also available in the set is this RARE couples pose (picture taken by the lovely Autumn Amaranth, thank you for letting me use your version) as with the single poses, the chair and ropes are included.


The dress shown in the top picture is also a gacha item from Haste and comes in 8 common colours and 2 rare.


Kirsty xx

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #12 – Peqe/On A Lark & The Forge

Ohai 🙂


So as promised before in the previous post I said I would share a close up pic of the Boadicea’s  Headpiece from [The Forge], here I am wearing the RARE gold option. There are 7 different versions to win, and seriously they are all gorgeous and I intend to collect them all when the gacha opens

Snapshot_016 copy

Also in this post I am showing the Peqe dress again, this time in the RARE gold, and put them together with the Epic Corset and Rare Collar from On A Lark, I think this look is awesome, even if I do say so myself.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog 12 -  PeqeOn A Lark & The Forge

I’m also wearing [The Forge] Eye of Ulysses (Gold), which is available at the mainstore.


Not long now!!

Excited yet??…I know I am looking forward to this event 🙂

Kirsty xx

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #11 – Peqe/May Soul & The Forge

Hey 🙂


Just a quick post today today share with you some more items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, this time its items from Peqe, May Soul & The Forge.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #11 -  Peqe copy

The off shoulder dress is from Peqe, there are 9 gorgeous common colours to collect and 2 rare. Here I am wearing the RARE silver option.  The dresses come in 5 standard mesh sizes, and really are perfect for for many kinds of role play scenario.

The shoulder armor is from May Soul, there are 6 common options and 2 rare. Here I am wearing the RARE black, and finally the headpiece is from The Forge and wow, its beautiful and I will share another pic later of this close up so you can see just how detailed it is.

Have a great Friday!

Kirsty xx




So i had to make a post dedicated to the amazing poses that are RACK….and this round of gatcha Kirsty Oherlihy has really outdone herself!

lets take a look

rack gatcha poses

So here are the poses! hot right? but these are not the only ones dear Kirsty has come up with no no she we are being spoilt!

rack poses chained

these poses are amazing and had such fun coming up with my own little scenes

rack poserack pose wallrawr!


splashes water on her face….hawt right?? ty again Kirsty for making these amazing poses and remember guys have to go to the gatcha fair to collect all these poses ❤

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Kirsty & Harvest – Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #10 – OrsiniSun Pt 2



Today, me and my adorable Harvest decided to do a blog post together. Well no, we have been deciding for 2 weeks now to do a post, we finally got round to doing a post I should say!

And today its the 2nd part from OrsiniSun.

Snapshot_096 copy


There are 6 common tutu dresses to collect and 3 rare. Both Harvest and I are wearing the Rare Sky & Rare Rose dresses, which comes with an adorable flower brooch too!

These dresses match perfectly with the horns and bracelets I blogged last week from OrsiniSun with Autumn when we dressed up as fauns 😀

This is one gacha set you need to make sure you collect!

Our shoes are from SLink, My hair is from Boon, and Harvest’s is from Exile.

Enjoy your day!

Kirsty xxx





Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #9 – Cellar Door

Hey 🙂


Another quick post just to share with you these super adorable hoods from Cellar Door.

There are 14 common ones to collect –

witches familiar  hood common add


And 1 rare which comes with a hud and gives you 25 different texture options via a hud.

witches familiar  hood rare add


Here I am wearing the rare because I totally love the little ears 😀

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #9 -  Cellar Door copy


Face chain is from GSpot and is also available at the Fantasy Gacha carnival


Kirsty xx