The Arcade – Pixel Mode & Apple Fall

Ohaiiii 🙂

Just a quick post to share more goodies from the gacha, this time featuring the high quality items from Pixel Mode & Apple Fall.

Arcade Blog No3 copy

Pixel Mode

[PM]Pixel Mode – Old Time Bath RARE
[PM] Pixel Mode – Flower Bowl
[PM] Pixel Mode – Cucumbers
[PM] Pixel Mode – Distressed Stool
[PM] Pixel Mode – Iris
[PM] Pixel Mode – Bath Bombs RARE
[PM] Pixel Mode – Soak
[PM] Pixel Mode – Relax


Apple Fall

AF Bastide Vanity RARE
AF Beauty Is…
AF Willow Plates
AF Poppies / Glazed Vase
AF Woodstock


Floor towel & slippers from Mudhoney (not at The Arcade)

Have fun with the gachas!

Kirsty <33


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