Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #3 – Eleventh Hour

Ohaiii 🙂

Today I’m sharing with you the Fantasy Gacha Carnival items from Eleventh Hour.  The Wizard Cupboard.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #3 Eleventh Hour

There are 14 common items to collect – Bat Eyes Tin
Frogs Legs Tin
Wolf Brains Tin
Dragons Liver Tin
Hair Tin
Resin Sacks
Mage Potions
Witch Ingredient Bag
Rune Rock
I Am Mage Book
I Am Witch Book
I Am Warlock Book
I Am Wizard Book
Spelling Binding Book Stack

And there are 3 RARE items to collect – Wizard’s Cupboard
Warlock’s Dark Magic Skull
Wizard’s Mystic Night Crystal Ball

Outfit is from FatePlay

Boots – Gos

Frog – My pet called Harvest 🙂

For more info about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival check out their webpage –

Enjoy ❤

Kirsty xx


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