Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #6 – Okami


So, today I’m back blogging more items from the the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and today its the turn of Okami. I am a huge fan of his stuff and already own several items, so I was excited to blog his items for the gacha.

Firstly the commons which include –

Gacha Vendor Common Items

– <Okami> Fenrir’s Photo Frame – 2 Land Impact
– <Okami> Fenrir’s Fur Rug – 1 Land Impact
– <Okami> Fenrir’s Locked Chest – 2 Land Impact
– <Okami> Fenrir’s Brazier – 3 Land Impact
– <Okami> Fenrir’s Chamber Table – (Scripted On/Off Candle Flame) – 3 Land Impact

Here I am showing you the RARE  Fenrir’s Slavebed which comes with

Snapshot_049 copy copy

– 13 Single Animations
– 3 Double Animations
– 2 Triple Animations

and only has a land impact of 2

(The throne shown is also from Okami, and available at his mainstore, or on the marketplace.)

And as for the ULTRA RARE, wow this is a must win. The animations in it are absolutely perfect! The  <Okami> Fenrir’s Alcove –  has a land impact of 11 and comes with

Snapshot_058 copy

Snapshot_052 copy

– 9 Single Animations
– 11 Cuddle & Sex Animations

Harnesses worn are both from Haste and will be available at the Gacha too!

I cannot wait to play this gacha and collect  ‘ALL THE THINGS!’


Kirsty <33


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