Kirsty & Harvest – Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog #10 – OrsiniSun Pt 2



Today, me and my adorable Harvest decided to do a blog post together. Well no, we have been deciding for 2 weeks now to do a post, we finally got round to doing a post I should say!

And today its the 2nd part from OrsiniSun.

Snapshot_096 copy


There are 6 common tutu dresses to collect and 3 rare. Both Harvest and I are wearing the Rare Sky & Rare Rose dresses, which comes with an adorable flower brooch too!

These dresses match perfectly with the horns and bracelets I blogged last week from OrsiniSun with Autumn when we dressed up as fauns 😀

This is one gacha set you need to make sure you collect!

Our shoes are from SLink, My hair is from Boon, and Harvest’s is from Exile.

Enjoy your day!

Kirsty xxx






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