New From Cellar Door

Ohaii 🙂

Cellar Door  has released a new outfit this week that comes in 3 different colours. Brown (as shown) Black & Red.

Cellar Door Blog copy

The Parodia outfit comes complete with the dress, Sleeves (not shown) Circlet, Choker and the most amazing head piece which I had to make a close up pic with because its just wow.

Cellar Door copy copy

The make up worn is from Glam Affair and is available at the Cosmetic Fair that is currently running at the moment.

The Staff and Bracers are from The Forge and you can grab those still at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, as well as the Yeti Shoulder Armor from Pucca Firecaster’s Creations that is also still up for grabs at the gacha.

Have a great day!

Kirsty xx


OrsiniSun for The Bitacora Travel Fair

Ohaii 🙂

Today I was sent some adorable items from one of the creators of OrsiniSun for the upcoming Bitacora Travel Fair.

This event starts on 17th October through to the 31st October  and is based on various continents from around the world. OrsiniSun are featured in Africa.

Snapshot_180 copy copy

Here I am wearing the OrsiniRed Roar Of Africa Mesh Outfit in Tribal Orange. It comes complete with a top, panties (both have 5 standard mesh sizes) bracelets, headband and a face tattoo (not shown).

They also have another outfit and a gacha with some awesome mesh tops which I will share with you later this week 🙂

For more information regarding this event check out their website here –

Looks to be a very interesting event!

Kirsty <33


Candy Fair Blog #2 Yay/Grumble

Ello Ello 🙂

Time for post #2

This time its from Yay /Grumble.

They have some super cute items, including poptart pillows, and candy corn backpacks, but these caught my eye, and whilst they don’t really fall in the candy you can eat theme, they are incredibly sweet!

Snow Suntanned copy copy

The gnomes are from the gacha, and are 20L a go. There are 10 commons, and 1 rare to collect.

Happy Gacha’ing!

❤ Kirsty xx

Candy Fair Blog #1 Collage, :: Axix ::,.Birdy. & OrsiniRed

Ohaii 🙂

So, its time for a new event to blog!

This time I’ve been invited to show you somethings from The Candy Fair 😀

So, over the next few days, that is what I will hopefully do, RL depending….

Firstly, I’m going to start with items from Collage, :: Axix ::,.Birdy. & OrsiniRed.

Candy Fair Blog #1 Collage

Gahh the Llamas, I love them!

Ok, here we go…. The Scene

.Birdy. Cotton Candy Llama {Blueberry}

.Birdy. Cotton Candy Llama {Strawberry}

Collage – Candy Corn Rugs

Collage – Sweet Art

Collage – Marshmallow Ghost – Cluster (Gacha)

Collage – Carmel Chocolate Apple

Collage – Carmel Chocolate Apple

:: Axix :: Sweet Divan Prop with sweets and cakes

Outift – OrsiniRed Pastel Candy Shirt/ Pants & Ears

Grab these and many more fun things from The Candy Fair which starts  October 4th – 18th

For more details check out the blog:

Enjoy Kirsty xx