Candy Fair Blog #1 Collage, :: Axix ::,.Birdy. & OrsiniRed

Ohaii 🙂

So, its time for a new event to blog!

This time I’ve been invited to show you somethings from The Candy Fair 😀

So, over the next few days, that is what I will hopefully do, RL depending….

Firstly, I’m going to start with items from Collage, :: Axix ::,.Birdy. & OrsiniRed.

Candy Fair Blog #1 Collage

Gahh the Llamas, I love them!

Ok, here we go…. The Scene

.Birdy. Cotton Candy Llama {Blueberry}

.Birdy. Cotton Candy Llama {Strawberry}

Collage – Candy Corn Rugs

Collage – Sweet Art

Collage – Marshmallow Ghost – Cluster (Gacha)

Collage – Carmel Chocolate Apple

Collage – Carmel Chocolate Apple

:: Axix :: Sweet Divan Prop with sweets and cakes

Outift – OrsiniRed Pastel Candy Shirt/ Pants & Ears

Grab these and many more fun things from The Candy Fair which starts  October 4th – 18th

For more details check out the blog:

Enjoy Kirsty xx


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