Shoetopia Blog #1 – N-Core

Ohaiiii 🙂

Yes, its that time, its like being in absolute heaven surrounded by all the amazing shoes from this list of talented designers!


I was asked to cover this event, so over the next few days I will share with you some of the sexy shoes there is here to offer.

I’m starting out with N-Core.

Wow just wow is all I can say, these ‘DESIRE’ heels I chose to share are just stunning with such amazing details. They come in 16 different colours, and that stress saving hud that allows you to colour match your skin perfectly.

N-Core copy copy

As you can see, Mr Lane was very impressed with how they looked, though I’m sure his eyes wandered elsewhere, cheeky man! :p

Snapshot_081 copy

For more details about Shoetopia, check out their webpage here –

Pose by me made purely for this picture, not for sale.

Have a great evening

Kirsty ❤


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