Arcade Blog #2 Pixel Mode & Dynasty


Today I’m sharing more goodies from The Arcade, this time sees items from Pixel Mode and Dynasty.

As you can see we had alot of fun baking ‘Petit bonhomme en pain d’epice’ or as us English say, Gingerbread Men, though Cheyns translation does sound much fancier!

The top he wears is from Dynasty and is one of the common items, I will be sharing one of the rare tops later this week in another post 🙂

So here we go with whats in the picture from The Arcade… 😀

petit bonhomme en pain d'epice

[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Baker’s Table RARE
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Wisk
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Rolling Pin
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Flour Bowl
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Pastry Bag with Gingy RARE
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Wooden Spoons
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Kitchen Jars
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Egg Bowl
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Cookie Cutters
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Gingerbread Man Baking Tray RARE
[PM]Pixel Mode THB – Rolling Pin

Nordic & Winter Hoodies – Winter

Have fun with these amazing gacha items, we did!

Kirsty xx


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