Fantasy Gacha Blog #6 – . a i s l i n g .

Ohaii 🙂


Just a short post today to share with you these absolutely stunning pieces from . a i s l i n g .

Fantasy Gacha Blog - AISLING

The full set to collect includes – Common 3 Arm bracers that come in gold, silver, and black, 3 thigh items again in the same colours and 3 lower leg pieces also in the same textures.

There is a rare collar to collect which is shown in this picture along with the rare shoulder pauldrons, which both come with a texture change hud so you can change the metal and jewels to suit your chosen outfit.

And finally the ultra rare crown, which is just wow!. The detail that has gone into this amazing and a must have really. It also comes with a hud so you can change all the metal tones, jewels, flowers and horns.

. a i s l i n g . Faranth Set

The super adorable Chimera cub shown in this picture is available now from Alchemy at the Fantasy Collective.

Enjoy your day!

Kirsty x


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