The Arcade – Ispachi – The Arrival


So its that time….the time where we are thankful its the end of the month and pay day is coming because The Arcade starts in just 3 days time!

The teasers on flickr and plurk have made me clap excitedly and I know I am going to go broke this round, that’s a dead cert 😀

My first post for this event comes from not only an incredibly talented man, but also from one of my very best friends, whom without having in my life(s) it would be a whole lot emptier and a whole lot less fun. His creativity is just simply mind blowing, and you’ll see exactly what I mean when you see what he has made for this round, his first time being in The Arcade.  Mr Miklos…..I’m so very proud of you, we all knew you could do it…..keep believing in yourself  just as we all do ❤

Ispachi - The Arrival


ISPACHI presents – The Arrival.
6 commons and 1 rare.
1-4 Prim Equivalent

Little background information from Ispachi’s flickr explaining the idea behind each sculpture.

“The Arrival is a symbolic collection of pieces and each was made with several people in mind and is representative to their personas. They are invaluable to me and they know themselves.

Representing the dawn of spring, it also reflects the arrival of strong companions who work together, uplift each other and support one another”.

Owls – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – The Wisest Owl (The Arcade)
Foxes – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Frolicking Foxes (The Arcade)
Bear & Fox – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – The Bear and The Fox Rare (The Arcade)
Swans – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Lamentation of Swans (The Arcade)
Ducks – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – March of the Mallards (The Arcade)
Squirrels – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Between Two Squirrels (The Arcade)
Rabbits – ISPACHI – The Arrival Mesh – Hare King of The Stump (The Arcade)


For more info regarding the Arcade check out their blog here –

Happy shopping!

Kirsty xx





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