The Fighter In Me…


I wanted to make a picture and I was feeling kinda feisty and instantly thought….The Forge!

Snapshot_003 copy

So I went through my inventory and put together this outfit, and this is how it ended up. If you are fan of armor, weapons, or accessories for roleplay then EZ & The Forge really is the place to go with its amazing detailed mesh items.

The 3 chain belt I am wearing is new from Haste and comes in 3 different colours and is fully modifiable to suit your shape.

So here is the full details

Skin – League Isla

Hair  – ~Tableau Vivant~ Gloster Hair – Winter

Corset – !! Silk Worms !! Pinched Waist Corset  Brown

Staff – [EZ] Staff of Damascus -novo2.04 (Black/Gold)

Bangles –[The Forge] Celtic Bangles

Collar – [The Forge] Feather Collar, Gold

Face Chain – [Keystone] Catena Corona – [Style 1] – Gold – RARE **GACHA**

Belt – [Haste] Three Belly Chains – Gold

Poses – RACK Poses – Veni, vidi, vici! Female Pose #5 **GACHA**


Kirsty xx


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