The Arcade – Ispachi – The Upheaval



So its that time again, the time we all go broke…..The Arcade!!

I’m doing my first post today and I am starting with this set from Ispachi. I am doing this one first for many reasons, not only because of course Dermie is one of my very best friends, but because I am so immensely proud of him with these items.  He wasn’t sure how people would respond to them, if they would like them, and if you you know Dermie well, you’ll know he worries about EVERYTHING!……I just wish & hope one day he’ll believe in how mind blowingly talented he is,  as much as the rest of us do…your work, your art….YOU are beyond words!

The Upheaval

Anyways enough waffle….lets talk about The Upheaval set.

There is 3 Aries helmets to collect,2 Militia helmets, a back pack, 4 pairs of gloves with different hand gestures, and my favourite the RARE Axis Bowler hat.

ISPACHI Upheaval Key

Kirsty Wears –

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Axis Bowler – Rare

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Gloves – Peace


Archer wears –

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Aries Helmet – Red

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Backpack

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Gloves – Clenched


Start saving you guys!

Kirsty xx


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