The Arcade – Its Playtime!!!



In 2 days time The Arcade opens and anyone who loves playtime in the non sexual sense (for a change) MUST get this set from .Snips & Snails.


As soon as I saw it on the shopping guide I had to have it!

The Tree House, Swing, Rip Slide and slide are all animated and so much fun for both adult and child avi’s alike… you can see we had alot of fun this evening.





The landscaping for my little play area was done by the talented Chloe McMinnar (above waving!) and is currently accepting landscaping jobs big or small, so if you need your sim made pretty at reasonable prices, drop her an IM inworld or a private plurk  🙂

Arcade items as listed below

.Snip &Snail. Tree House RARE
.Snip &Snail. Slide RARE
.Snip &Snail.. Zip-line RARE
.Snip &Snail. Tire Swing

Truth Sakura Hair – Ginger Pack with sushi and flowers
Clawtooth: Boardwalk Breeze – Dusty Black

{what next} Candy Skateboard
{what next} Black Unicycle & Umbrella RARE

+Half-Deer+ Summer Delights – Melty Sunglasses [Gold]

*katat0nik* (panda) Ice Cream Bar RARE

Tentacio – num num donut bag


I’ll be sharing more Arcade items over the coming days!

❤ Kirsty xx



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