Time To Relax And Have A Nice Glass Of Wine…


So I have had a manic weekend partying and spending time with my family and friends, so now its Sunday evening and what better way to unwind than to chill with a nice glass of wine.

Time to relax and have a nice glass of wine

So then, of course my RL turns into my SL when I log in relaxing on this gorgeous new set from Dutchies with a nice glass or red 😀

The Dutchie’s art deco living room set is based on a 1930’s Swedish design. The sofa and chairs are changeable into 4 different fabrics: 3 patterned and one plain, to make it compatible with a wide range of styles to match with various homes and skyboxes like mine from Abiss.

Time to relax and have a nice glass of wine1

The sofas come in an adult or PG version and the armchairs are just PG. The adult sofa has an adult menu with 100 couple animations. Not only does it have an extra menu with 4 long sequences, but hidden between the cuddles and foreplay animations are 4 shorter sequences of 2 or 3 animations and several of the other animations are 60 seconds in length. A lot of the animations in this menu are mocap. There are a 11 temp attach wearable items inside. The pg sofa can seat 2 people and offers 30 couple animations. 10 of these can be played solo as well. There are a 11 temp attach wearable items inside. There are 2 chairs in the pack, a left and a right version with some mirrored animations. Each chair holds 10 female and 10 male animations. There are a 3 temp attach wearable items inside. The chairs have no adult animations.

Items featured in this post –

Dutchie art deco sofa
Dutchie art deco chair left
Dutchie art deco chair right
Dutchie art deco coffee table
Dutchie lilies
Dutchie art deco brown and blue rug
ISPACHI – The Odyssey : Radio on Books
ISPACHI – The Arrival – The Wisest Owl **GACHA**
ISPACHI – The Arrival – Lamentation of Swan **GACHA**

[Commoner] Award Statuettes **GACHA**

Skybox – The Apartment by Abiss

Pictures on the walls by the amazing Diarmuid Miklos

On Kirsty –

Skin – League Isla Deeptain

Hair – Exile – After the Rain

Dress – celoe.kes.dress.pop

Boots – Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Black Gold Snake


The Dutchie’s art deco living room set is now available at the mainstore here – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dutchie%20furniture/49/14/22


Have a relaxing sunday!

Kirsty xx







The Arcade – Apple Fall



Another quick post to share with you these gorgeous items from Apple Fall at the current round of The Arcade.

The rare skybox is absolutely amazing with such high quality details and texturing as is the rest of Apple’s gacha items. I am sharing  just a couple of the many great items they have this round.


Arcade Items

Apple Fall Paris Loft Skybox RARE

Apple Fall Plaid Luggage Bag

Apple Fall Monogram Luggage Bag

Apple Fall Sketchbook

Apple Fall Travel Drawers


On Kirsty –

Hair – Exile – After The Rain – Blacks **Summerfest ’14**

Skin – League – Isla Deeptan

Top – Maitreya Ana Top * Tie Dye Earth  **June Collabor88**

Shorts – Maitreya * #6 * Cut Off Jeans Shorts  **June Collabor88**

Boots – Maitreya Stagioni Xtd Leather * XS-S Bistre


Have a great weekend!

❤ Kirsty xx

The Arcade – Twinkle Toes

Ohaii 🙂


A quick post to share with you more cute items available at this round of The Arcade. There is still a couple of days left and now is the time to go grab all the goodies without all the lag!


As soon as I saw these dresses from ::{u.f.o}:: I knew exactly what kind of picture I wanted to make, Hope you like it 🙂

Here is what I am wearing/items in the picture

Skin – League – Isla Deeptan

Dress – ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 – pink

::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 – hanging ballet shoes

Hair – *ARGRACE* HARUKA – Blacks

Pose Prop – Nuwiggles. Trapaze Telephone Pole Pose Prop


Have a great weekend!

Kirsty xx


The Arcade – Its Playtime!!!



In 2 days time The Arcade opens and anyone who loves playtime in the non sexual sense (for a change) MUST get this set from .Snips & Snails.


As soon as I saw it on the shopping guide I had to have it! http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/june-2014

The Tree House, Swing, Rip Slide and slide are all animated and so much fun for both adult and child avi’s alike…..as you can see we had alot of fun this evening.





The landscaping for my little play area was done by the talented Chloe McMinnar (above waving!) and is currently accepting landscaping jobs big or small, so if you need your sim made pretty at reasonable prices, drop her an IM inworld or a private plurk  🙂

Arcade items as listed below

.Snip &Snail. Tree House RARE
.Snip &Snail. Slide RARE
.Snip &Snail.. Zip-line RARE
.Snip &Snail. Tire Swing

Truth Sakura Hair – Ginger Pack with sushi and flowers
Clawtooth: Boardwalk Breeze – Dusty Black

{what next} Candy Skateboard
{what next} Black Unicycle & Umbrella RARE

+Half-Deer+ Summer Delights – Melty Sunglasses [Gold]

*katat0nik* (panda) Ice Cream Bar RARE

Tentacio – num num donut bag


I’ll be sharing more Arcade items over the coming days!

❤ Kirsty xx


The Arcade – Ispachi – The Upheaval



So its that time again, the time we all go broke…..The Arcade!!

I’m doing my first post today and I am starting with this set from Ispachi. I am doing this one first for many reasons, not only because of course Dermie is one of my very best friends, but because I am so immensely proud of him with these items.  He wasn’t sure how people would respond to them, if they would like them, and if you you know Dermie well, you’ll know he worries about EVERYTHING!……I just wish & hope one day he’ll believe in how mind blowingly talented he is,  as much as the rest of us do…your work, your art….YOU are beyond words!

The Upheaval

Anyways enough waffle….lets talk about The Upheaval set.

There is 3 Aries helmets to collect,2 Militia helmets, a back pack, 4 pairs of gloves with different hand gestures, and my favourite the RARE Axis Bowler hat.

ISPACHI Upheaval Key

Kirsty Wears –

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Axis Bowler – Rare

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Gloves – Peace


Archer wears –

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Aries Helmet – Red

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Backpack

ISPACHI – Upheaval- Gloves – Clenched


Start saving you guys!

Kirsty xx

HASTE Chain Harnesses



Again another quick post to share with you more items from The Fantasy Gacha carnival.

This time it’s my lovely frands, Harvest Dezno and Auston Harbour’s store Haste. They have made some seriously sexy stuff this round.

I grabbed and groped my adorable friend Briony Lannock as we looked dayum hawt in these chains 😀

Haste Chain Harness

The harness set come in 5 colours of metals, The commons are the arm & leg bracers, harness and belt without coins.

The Rare has a second attachment for the harness with coins and the belt with coins.

The Ultra Rare is the full pack with a colour hud!


The Fantasy Gacha opens shortly, are you ready??

Have fun!!

Kirsty xx


May’s Soul Arabian Roses



Just a quick post to share this stunning set from May’s Soul.

May's Soul Arabian Rose

The Arabian Roses set has various items to collect including 5 bracelets, 5 necklaces with different colour roses, then there is the rare belt and head dress with come with a hud so you are able to match them to the bracers or necklaces you collected. There is also an ultra rare head dress which is shown in the above picture.

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today at 8am SLT!

Happy Gacha-ing!

Kirsty xx